About Me

Hendrix Y Setyawan (HYS) is a researcher and lecturer at University of Brawijaya  and hold a Bachelor of Agricultural Technology from the same university in 2004. Received his master degree as a Master of Science from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB),  he was fully supported by Eka Tjipta Foundation (Sinarmas) scholarship, studying the valorisation of biodiesel through tocopherol separation from crude palm oil biodiesel.

Temporarily, Hendrix is living in Western Australia. He receives an Australia Awards Scholarship to become a Research Scholar at the Centre for Energy, and commence his Ph.D at School of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering – University of Western Australia. His main project is understanding the possibility of glycerol, the biodiesel by-product, as a new fuel.

He was one of the committee  of Indonesian Student Association in Australia (PPI-Australia) (2013-2014). He also heavily involved in Association of Indonesian Postgraduate Students & Scholars in Australia (AIPPSA) as Director of AIPSSA Institute (2013-2014).

Travelling is always one of his things since he finds it’s easy adjusting life in a new environment, eating most of any human food, and happily spending hours to learn something that totally new. Music and photography, at some point, craft his right brain a bit.

For correspondence, feel free to drop an email at hendrix.setyawan@research.uwa.edu.au